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Return to Omeida in 2017 Summer

       Omeida Summer 2017

                                                                                                 by Marcus Williams, Foreign English Teacher

     This is my third summer teaching at Omeida.  It is an experience of which I never tire.  I look forward to seeing teachers and staff whom I met when I first arrived here three summers ago.  The first thing I noticed as I arrived at the school were the colorful posters hung around the porch that portrayed the history of many Omeida classes, and of Odar.  When I walked into the lounge it didn't take me long to remember how things were done.  After I logged on to the computer with my same username and password, it seemed that I had never left.  To the left and right of me were Chinese and foreign English teachers working away in preparation for their next class.

     I am glad to see that classes are kept to small sizes. It amazes me that on the first day of class the students are so shy and quiet.  They almost quiver in their seats.  But after the second day of class it is as if we’re all old friends as they shout the answers to questions and clamor to be heard.  But in many of my classes there is at least one student who remains quiet and shy.  Often I can tell the student is very bright but shuts down when called upon in class.  I take special time with such a student to help build his or her confidence.  Usually, by the end of the class term the student is a willing participant in all class activities and enthusiastically contributes to the quality of our discussions.

      There are many things that I like about Omeida.  A school such as Omeida is difficult to run.  Omeida serves many students of different age groups and language abilities. Each group has its own unique interests and needs.  It takes good leadership and staff teamwork to make it successful. Omeida has a winning combination of both leadership and skilled teachers and staff.  I am happy to be a small part of the Omeida family.