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5 short-term teachers needed for Summer camp 2018

How many:  5 teachers

Job location: Yangshuo, Guilin, China

Work duration:2-6 weeks

Expected arrival date: 

5 teachers needed before July 8, 2018


Work duration:
JULY 8--SEPTEMBER 31, 2018


1. Native English speakers

2. Teaching experience preferred

3. Love students and teaching

4. Passionate, hospitable, patient and flexible

Job description:

1. 15-30 students a class (Summer Camp)

2. Most of the students are teenagers.

3. 3-5 hours face to face teaching a day.

4. 5 or 7 days a week.

5. Students mainly want to improve their English speaking & communication skills

Apply for the job now by emailing your resume, qualification files, a copy of passport and a recent photo of yourself to edu.omeida@qq.com (Jake).


A photo of Zoe's teaching in Class B, an intermediate  class.


Daniel from the US. was instructing students in the archery game.

Class game: whisper organized by Lauren.