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1.JPGOmeida’s volunteer program is a fantastic option for people who want to spend some time in Yangshuo and gain experience in English tutoring. The program operates year-round and is available for those who are proficient in the English language. This is an excellent way to learn about the Chinese culture, develop new skills, and add some international experience to your resume.


As a volunteer you will be required to commit one or two hours per day for conversation with Chinese students learning English; in return you will receive free shared accommodation and/or meals in the school canteen. This is only required Monday through Friday so you have the weekends to explore beautiful Yangshuo!

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-          Native English speaker/near native level of fluency

-          At least 18 years of age

-          Completed high school/secondary school


What you do NOT need

-          To be able to speak Chinese Mandarin

-          Previous work experience


As a volunteer, you will receive:

-          Free accommodation

-          Free food, Mon - Fri

-          Free participation in weekly social nights.

-          Discount on Chinese language lessons.


*one hour volunteering per day entitles you to free accommodation in a shared dorm with a Chinese student, two hours per day entitles you to accommodation AND lunch& dinner in the school canteen on weekdays.

Discounted Chinese lessons are available to volunteers at Omeida Chinese Academy. Students from all over the world come to Yangshuo to learn Chinese; they offer many language programs which meet the needs and goals of students at all levels.  Find out more about Omeida Chinese Academy here.

To enquire about Omeida’s volunteer program, please send an email to Jake edu.omeida@qq.com

If interested in Chinese language lessons, instead contact Anya omeida@hotmail.com

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