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Star students in the month of August

   Genius is nothing but labor, patience and diligence. All the geniuses share this fact. If you wanna make a difference, you have to be industrious and tenacious.

   Here let 's hear the annoucement of star students in the month of August. Who are the lucky dogs? It is Rainy from class 2B.It's unbeliebable, she got this honor for the second time. Rarely had any student got this honor twice, except some very terrific ones.


We had learnt that Rainy was a very smart and brilliant girl in the last issue of  Monthy stars. The fact that she is chosen as star student again strongly proves this point, all the introduction will seem unnecessary.

Rainy, after one-on-one conversation with a foreign volunteer-Nils, is taking a photo, which will be a good memory when looking back on it. 

Of course, as you can see, they are have a good time.The conversation goes very smoothly. This is the way how Rainy learns so fast. By the way, I wanna mention here that she was rewarded a big prize for her accomplishing her learning target ahead of the due date.

Jane is the other star student in this month. Congratulations to her. Jane is at the social night, exchanging cultures and ideas with her foreign friends. up to now, Jane has been able to talk with them fluently, and their topics can be very diverse in a big range. Compared to the beginning stage, she has a big achievement.

Every teacher likes this class. They are cooperative, friendly and helpful to each other. Without these excellent classmates, Jane may not learn so fast.

Jane is a very self-motivated and driven student. Moreover, she is not afraid of trying. She is always encouraging her to communicate with foreign volunteers. She overcame her shyness and became more and more confident after every breakthrough.

At last, let's wish them a good journey of English practice and application.