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Star students in the month of September

        At the last week of September, we voted out the star students. Here we gonna hear the great release of the news. Let 's give our sincere congratulations to them, Alice from class 1D-3 and Catherine from 2B.

Alice is such a delight in the class.She is always being involved in every teaching activity, taking everything seriously, being engaged in learning. "As a headteacher, I have seen how quickly Alice grows  from a baby English learner into a fluent English speaker.She has always been learning attentively." one of her teacher says.

Alice is a very lively student. She can be seen often in social night, shool activity or speech competitions.

Alice entered for the  English speech competition for the first time. Though she was only in Level 1A, she did well in terms of her courage and confidence. Trying is the best way to improve.  

Biking is most students' favorite Outdoor game. Alice and schoolmates  stopped on the way to enjoy the surrounding views when on a bike ride.

Catherine is another popular student with teachers. As you can see from the picture, she is very outgoing, friendly and beautiful. However, this is not the main reason why she is selected out as a star student. Of course, it accounts for her positvie attitude and her diligence.

She is working out a puzzle with her language partner at social night. By this,she improves day by day.

There is always an  environment to emmerge you in English at Omeida. It provides you a lot of practice.If you go for it, you will make it. Catherine shows up at the social night often  and hones her communication skills.

Life here is more like a cup of cocktail. Its colorful diversity and abundance in experiences will not fade away in the momery of those who have lived and love here. And meanwhile, we wish them a life with abundance.