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Star Students in the month of October

     On the last day of October, We carved our pumpkins into scary Jack-o-lanterns and spooky faces  and  celebrated Halloween. It was a great time.At the same time, we made the annoucement  that Ice from class 1A-3 and Jack from class 2B were selected out as the star students of October.

The second girl from the right is Ice. She was in the activity of carving pumpkin. It is always a cheerful occasion when you have a party of friends doing the same thing with you. As for an English learner, presenting this occasion always helps her to build self-confidence and hone communication skills. 

Learning is an individual work, but also a team work.Ice, as an individual, learns with tremendous enthusiasm. She  never feels dull or bored in class, she stays curious all the time and raises quesions constantly. While in teamwork, she keeps coorperative and being friendly. She is so easy to get along with. You will find her so sanguine just like a cheerful skylark.

The best thing that an activity like this can bring is that students are offered chances to pratice giving a public speech and being more sociable. Ice is introducing their work to audience in English.

Here is the comment from her teachers let's take a look at how she is evaluated.

Jack is another outstanding student. He is a very humble student in 2B, alway keeping low key. Probably, you don't know that he is quite knowledgeable.
Jack's commitment to his study makes him this honor. His engagement is also highly spoken of among the teachers.

They are working attentively on the pumpkin carving: outline the image on the pumpkin with a mark pen first, then carve it with patience and extracare. It is a work which asks for patience and concentration. Regarding it from the aspect, carving resembles  learning a language.

Jack is well-spoken of. Look at the comments from teachers. we hope they can remain positive, stay passionate and keep hard working in this language voyoge.
At last, we wish they all a bright tomorrow.