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A trip to Huangguoshu Waterfalls

     Teacher is the greatest job under the sun.When people remember individuals who have helped them, teachers are often at the top of the list.  

    A teacher doesn't just provide lessons and grade tests; a teacher is also a cheerleader, a psychologist and a motivational speaker .Most importantly, teachers give unwavering friendship and support to every student. 

    Expressing our gratitude can be simple. A warm word, a card, or just a shiny apple can show these dedicated teachers that you care.

It is the 33rd Teacher’s Day this September 10th. To celebrate this special day and show our gratitude to our teachers, Omeida organized a wonderful trip to Guiyang.

Guiyang is a natural attraction that appeals millions of tourists from all around  the world with its unique scenery, such as grand and magnificent waterfalls, natural forest parks, and mountainous landscapes.

We have expected to visit the special place for long. When we were told the news, we were all bursting with excitement. Everyone couldn’t wait for it.

The next day after we arrived, We visited Huangguoshu Waterfall National Park.

It is a grand park, surrounded with undulating mountains and thickly covered with ever-green trees. The landscape is stunning to see.

The most breathtaking sight is the waterfall. it roars its way down in the valley, dropping a height of hundred meters and spurring heavy mist in the air. When sitting even far apart, you still can feel its coolness it delivers. 

While beholding, you can see a huge silver water curtain straightly hanging down from the cliff. It is said a cave is behind it, but what a pity that we were not allowed to enter it for it's still under a kind of construction. It is astonishing you will feel when you stand in front of it. You will think what a wonder that nature has shaped it into.

It is such a heavenly spectacle which draws millions of visitors to see its splendor. We were so pleased to have the chance to it. We couldn't have a more meaningful Teacher's Day.

The next day, we visited the local natural park. Though it is a city park, it is big enough to take a whole day to see everything there. There are a lot to see.

We are at the entrance.

There are numerous wild monkeys. They are not afraid of people. You have to keep a distance  from them for sometimes some audacious ones may grab your food or water from your hand. But most of time, they stay on their perches, lying idlely or scratching one another.

The park is scattered with various flowers.Some are blooming enthusiastically. There is nothig more enjoyable than these flaming flowers.

We really enjoy this trip and we greatly appreciate all the things that Omeida has offered to us. All the teachers and office staff have a wonderful celebration.Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers and thanks to Omeida at the same time.