West street

West street

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West street

West street is famous for its cafes and shops popular with both Chinese and foreign travellers. It provides a relaxed atmosphere for socialising across cultural bounds and therefor fantastic oportunities for practicing the Chinese language.

West Street is situated in Yangshuo, the most beautiful town along the Li River. It is the oldest stone street in Yangshuo, which is about 200 meters long.

Arts crafts shops, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, bars, Internet cafes, tea houses, hotels, and even a foreign language school are all located on West Street. It is the place where East and West get together. West Street is sometimes called "Foreigner Street". Because many Yangshuo residents are multi-lingual, there is no language barrier. In fact, others have called West Street "the Global village".

Offering not only elegant scenery, but also superior dining and Chinese and western snacks, West Street, has become a good place for those who have been wandering around China for a while to have a break. It has over eighty Western-Style restaurants offering Western food, drinks, and European style outdoor seating. The popular places include Minnie Mao's cafe, Lisa's cafe, Susanna's restaurant, Green Lotus, Paris Cafe and MC Blues Bar.

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