Teachers of Omeida in 2012

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Teachers of Omeida in 2012

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Trish, from Australia, Joined Omeida in July 2011, She is fulfilling her second year's contract.

I'm Trish, an Australian teacher at Omeida English College. I have a degree in Communications from the University of Canberra, and after finishing my studies I began travelling the world, which had always been a dream of mine. I have had many exciting and interesting jobs along the way, including being a croupier in a casino, worked on yachts, and I have also been a tour leader for a travel company. Travel is obviously a big passion of mine, but I also enjoy reading (especially literature and history), movies, gardening, and of course exploring the beautiful scenery of Yangshuo.

I finally found my way to China and fell in love with the country immediately. I settled in Kunming for two and a half years, and began my teaching career there. I moved to Yangshuo in July 2010 to join Omeida. Teaching is definitely one of the most enjoyable and rewarding jobs I have had, and working at Omeida especially has been great fun. I really appreciate the help and support from all the staff, and the great working atmosphere of the school. I also have great respect for my students who are working so hard to achieve their goal of learning English. Learning English can be a very tough job, but I find the dedication and perseverance of my students to be very inspiring, and that in turn inspires me to find interesting and creative ways to present my classes.

I have also been struggling with language learning myself – I have been studying Chinese – and so I understand the difficulties students face when coming to grips with a new, and completely different, language. Omeida’s policy of “English Only” is a great way for students to improve their English quickly, and to build confidence in communicating. The foreign teachers at Omeida come from many different countries, which I think is a tremendous help for students in that they can be exposed to different accents and pronunciations, and so equips them with the ability to communicate with English speakers from all over the world. With dedication and persistence I am sure you can realise your dream of learning English.

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Rob, from South Africa, he joined Omeida in May, 2010. Now he is fulfilling his third year's contract.

Rob Weiner is a South African expat who has been living in China for over a year. He comes from sunny Durban In South Africa.

He majored in Music and Sound Engineering at college and is also a qualified TEFL English teacher.

He has been teaching English at Omeida College for 1 year and has around 5 years of Music teaching experience in South Africa.

Other work experience includes being a working musician, sound engineer and business owner.

Rob has many hobbies and passions some of which include playing music, nature and the outdoors and also loves traveling. He enjoys reading and studying many subjects including the sciences, theology and history .

Rob came to Omeida and had no problem adapting to the school environment. He has comfortably taught all the different levels at the school and has achieved a good relationship with many of the students. He really enjoys teaching at the school and strives to make the students enjoy his lessons too. He was awarded excellent teacher award during the spring season at the school.

Rob Maintains here are many different ways to learn a new language. Reading and writing are important tools as they can help with self study when not in the classroom. However practice is the most effective way of improving oral English. It is recommended that the students practice their English as much as they can, in the classroom, when in town with foreigners or amongst themselves.

Some of Robs Teaching advice-

"Never Surrender" – learning something new is never easy but keep trying and don't give up. Don't be scared of practicing. Be confident!
"Knowledge is power" – never stop asking questions and educating yourself.
"Learning can be fun" – if your learning experience is fun and happy, it will also be more effective.

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Ian, from UK, he joined Omeda in Nov, 2010. Now he is fulfuling his third year's contract.

My name is Ian Dudzinski. Dudzinski is a Polish name from my father’s side of the family. My mother was French before moving to London England where I was born. As you can see, I’m a bit of a mix! I feel very tall in China because I at 197cms I really stand out. Some people call me TTC which stands for Tallest Teacher in China, so for my students I wrote a song on my guitar and of course called it TTC.

Before coming to China I worked for 10 years as a teacher and trainer in a variety of schools colleges and community centers in London. I have completed one year teaching at Omeida and I have recently signed a new contract to teach for another year. I have enjoyed teaching here because the students are fun, like to laugh and if they walk out after a class with a big smile on their faces and they have learnt some useful English, I’m happy. They all want to learn English for a variety of reasons, which makes the teaching easier and enjoyable. I feel students have a very good opportunity to learn English quickly if they want. There are Chinese teachers here to help the beginners, then a number of western teachers from a variety of countries to help the students to achieve an even higher level of English. Of course it is also up to the student to put some effort with learning or practicing in their spare time.

Well I’m very lucky to live in Yangshuo because I love to cycle and here the surrounding countryside is stunning! There are rivers to bath in and if you are a good swimmer you can swim with friends. Swimming and cycling are two of my hobbies but I also love sports like badminton, volleyball and table tennis. In my spare time I like to read all kinds of fiction books, watch some internet TV or films and try and keep up to date with the latest news regarding the sciences. My passion is music, all types but alternative rock still rules my listening and a good dance puts a big smile on my face.

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Dianne, from Austrilia, she joined Omeida in Feb 2010. Now she just has finished her 2 and half year's contract.

I am very happy to be employed as an English teacher at Omeida because Omeida is a well organized and managed school which offers excellent facilities for teaching and a supportive and friendly environment.

I started teaching at Omeida in March 2010 and I have given English lessons to students in the lower, intermediate and advanced classes as well as conducting an Intermediate Business English course.

Every student has the goal to improve their oral, listening, writing and reading English skills so that they will be more valuable to an employer and or to their customers in the future.

Student’s confidence in learning is motivated by their teachers and I encourage students to ask questions as often as they like, recite dictation to their friends and have their friends give dictation back to them. In this way they are practicing speaking English clearly and can quickly find out where they are making mistakes.

I also encourage students to send me emails and I promise to reply to all their emails. I receive emails from ex-students who often ask me for advice which I am happy to give.

The other ways to improve their English is to communicate with their teachers outside of class time and also to speak to each other in English in their free time. Many students enjoy having a dinner party in the home of their foreign teacher. I also suggest that students write stories or write out conversations and have their teacher correct any mistakes.

More suggestions for learning English are: - Watching English movies, listening to the BBC news or other broadcasts in English on the internet, reading English stories and articles. Review lessons taught during the week, ask teachers questions about anything which the student doesn’t fully understand.

Another way to improve English is to find a pen friend/pen pal to correspond with. There are many internet sites for pen friends/pen pals.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to more than 26 countries and since being in China I have enjoyed visiting Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Suzhou, Weijiao, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Guiyang, Dali, Liajiang, Shangri-la and Shenzhen as well as Xingping and Fuli.

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Merry from USA, joined Omeida in July, 2012

Hi, I'm Merry! I started my China journey training to teach English in Yongshuo five years ago and I'm really excited to be coming back! I spent a year in Hunan teaching English and eating spicy food, then the last three and a half in Shanghai.

I think the best way to live is to spend one's entire life is as a student, a teacher or a combination of both. In Shanghai, I taught English, theater and dance and I learned just as much from my students as I hope they learned from me. Learning is a lifetime habit that I am very passionate about and I hope to inspire my students to be excited about it as well."

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Seba, from USA, he joined Omeida in Feb, 2012.

Hello, my name is Gabe, but I also have a Chinese name; it is GaiBaoLe. I am an American and am originally from Boston, but I also lived in Oregon for many years. I have taught children in America, I like to write novels in my spare time and run a small publishing company in America called Mutable Sound. I have also worked as a teacher in Zhejiang and Shandong. I am very interested in Chinese language and culture, and I am very excited to be here at Omeida and living in Yangshuo. I think this is one of the most beautiful places on earth! And everyone I have met here has been very friendly. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

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Gabe, from Poland, he joined Omeida in Feb, 2012.

My name is Seba and I was born in Poland. I graduated from the Pedagogical Academy of Cracow in 2005 with a Master’s degree. Travelling and learning new places, tastes and sounds was my passion since I can remember.

In 2007 I became a volunteer for social reconstruction during the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo. I have lived in a gypsy village next to a refugee camp, teaching English and Serbian to increase children's chances for future employment.

Also right before coming to China I taught English in Mongolia. I have worked in quite a few other places too and my jobs varied from hard labor to office management. Working with English students remains my favorite occupation though. I sympathize with language learners easily, because I am one myself. I can communicate in a bunch of foreign languages. I'm very happy to be here and to be teaching such an extraordinary and extremely friendly people!

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Nick, from UK, he join Omeida in June, 2010. he just finished his second contract in June

Hi, my name is Nick, and I'd like to start by saying a big HELLO to all past, present and future Omeida students!

I've been teaching English for almost six years now, and I have worked in quite a few different places; Volunteer work in Kenya, middle school and college in Hainan Dao, and I am back in Yangshuo to work at Omeida for a second time. When I'm not travelling and teaching English, I have worked for EF in England, as well as teaching German students with the biggest student organisation in my home town.

I really believe education and skills are the key to any future success. I worked really hard to complete my University BA, and I completed my degree by studying 'English Grammar in Context'. Just knowing English wasn't enough for me, and I knew I also had to learn how to teach. With this in mind I completed a Trinity Cert TESOL which has given me lots of good ideas in ways I can use my English knowledge to improve your English skills.

I try to use different methods to teach, and have different types of lessons and activities each week. I like to use music in some classes, and I even enjoy teaching students to use grammar!

If I could give any student one piece of advice, I think I would say 'speak as often as possible!'. Students at Omeida are really lucky because not only do they have lots of foreign teachers, they also have lots of other students who can speak English! I think speaking English to other students is the most important way to improve speaking. This gives students a chance to practice, experiment, play with English and build up confidence!

Remember : 'Help others, help yourself'

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Bethany, from USA, she joined Omeida in June, 2011. Now she is fulfulling her second contract.

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii in the U.S, but obtained my bachelor's degree in Seattle, Washington at Seattle Pacific University. My formal training is in dietetics and culinary arts. I have a passion for teaching people about wellness, exercise and healthy cooking and have taught nutrition and cooking in hospitals, public health organizations, schools and universities. I have also written many articles about dietary issues and health. In my spare time I love traveling (I have been to 11 countries so far), sampling cuisines from around the world, and engaging in all sorts of outdoor activities from biking to swimming to skiing.

Teaching at Omeida has been a wonderful experience. The atmosphere of the school is very conducive to learning English because of the small class sizes, professional expectations and ample opportunities to practice the material. My students are intellectual, energetic, focused and very committed to improving their English skills. I also appreciate the collaborative efforts of students and teachers alike to foster an environment that encourages students to express themselves while perfecting their oral and written English. In my class I encourage discussion and debate because I think this is the best way for students to master their conversational English. Students are also urged to watch English-speaking movies and listen to English music to improve their listening and comprehension skills. The most successful students at Omeida work hard, persevere and speak with confidence (even when they are unsure). My best advice to new students? "Doing your best means to never stop trying".
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