Rock Climbing in Yangshuo (Laurie)

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo (Laurie)

Time spent in Yangshuo is not complete until you have been rock climbing on the majestic limestone karsts. It’s exhilarating, challenging, diverse and unforgettable. There are climbs suitable for first-timers and professionals, with grades ranging from 5.8 to 5.14, with the majority of climbs in the 5.10 – 5.11 range. Most climbs are single pitch sport climbs, however multi-pitch and traditional climbing is available. New routes are gradually being added, with unlimited potential for those interested in first ascents.

The best time of year to climb is from September to November. December through March is chilly and often damp. Climbing is still possible but it’s just not as comfortable. March through May is typically agreeable, however summer can be hot, rainy and humid.

There are several climbing companies around town, with the most professional and reputable companies being ChinaClimb and Spiderman Climbing. You can rent equipment and a guide for half days, a full day or multi-day trips. If you have your own equipment and are traveling solo, it’s easy to find a partner in Yangshuo.

Accessibility to climbing sites is as easy as veering off a main road, to mind-boggling if you don’t have a climbing guide. The “Rock Climbing in Yangshuo” guide is a necessity if you’re heading out on your own. You can pick them up at most climbing shops for 60 yuan.

Whatever your interest is, whether you want to learn a new skill or develop existing skills, climbing in Yangshuo will not disappoint you. There’s nothing that can beat the feeling of accomplishment as you reach the top of your climb. Except, of course, the breathtaking farmland, rivers and karsts that are all around you as you take a moment to view the landscape. Don’t forget your camera.

Author: Laurie Ottenbreit

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