Hiking in Longji

Hiking in Longji (the Backbone of Dragon)

Longji in Chinese means the backbone of dragon, located around 95 km in the northwest of Guilin, Since Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), Zhuang people began to reside here and build up the rice terraces on the slope of mountains. After the completion of the project in Qing Dynasty 600 years later, today we can see about 66 square kilometers terraced fields in the area. Besides Zhuang, some other minority people like Yao and Dong also live on the mountains, which have their own unique cultural background. From Longji to Dazhai, there is a flagstone path shared by local farmers and buffalo. The 4.5 hours hiking allows you to have a better understanding of these mountain tribes and their real life. One night stay in local farmer?ˉs wooden house can bring you back to long time ago?

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