Teacher Testimonial : Amy

My time at Omeida

by Amy

I had no idea what to expect when I was dropped off outside Omeida five weeks ago. I was nervous and overwhelmed but I was warmly welcomed and very quickly realized what a friendly atmosphere there is. Everyone has been so kind and helpful, and I’ve never been short of smiling faces.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many incredible children and watched their English improved and they grew in confidence. They have always been so enthusiastic in my lessons and have not only helped me to learn to be a better teacher, but have also helped me to develop my own confidence.

My students have taught me so many lessons and I will always remember them. I’ve loved exploring yangshuo over the past five weeks, A truly beautiful place. And I feel so lucky to have been able to see and experience so much. I’ve never been to china before and yangshuo was definitely a good place to start. I’m struggling to choose a favorite moment from my time here as there have been so many amazing opportunities from social nights to teaching on this camp and going on trips,to spending time with my classes.

My Omeida experience has been incredible. I have made so many memories which I will always cherish. And I will definitely miss the place, and more importantly, the people.

Thank you to everyone at Omeida for giving me such a wonderful experience.

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