English teaching jobs in China – Why you should teach English!

English teaching jobs in China – Why you should teach English!

Hey, are you tired too? Tired of the city life… I for sure was! See, I am not someone made to live in a city, I was stuck however as I couldn’t move due to high costs. Depressing right? That is exactly how I felt, for almost 6 years.

The only skills I really have, is some computer knowledge – and my English isn’t too bad, so finding a job wouldn’t be so easy for me, would it? I myself live in London, and if you don’t have a job, it gets really hard to survive – as most things here are very expensive.

Not only is it expensive here, it also is very crowded – Actually it is everything I dislike.

So you can imagine I wasn’t living happy for a long time… But I still believe every problem has a solution, all I had to do was get out there – and look for the solution… So that is exactly what I did! I went to a local internet café and I was looking for jobs on the internet.

This is when a girl next to me hit me up – she said  she was going to China – she would teach English, and would live there in the meanwhile… When I heard this – I thought she was crazy… But in the meanwhile it also seemed like a way out. I would live in a quiet – more remote place, I would have a job – and I would help other people!?  – Now you might wonder why I am telling you all this, well it is quite simple really.

You can teach too! Yes, you can – and I am going to tell you exactly WHY you should teach English, and WHY this is the best thing that’ll happen to you! – But in order to understand all this, it is important to know when and where!

Teaching English in Yangshuo.

Now, Omeida is looking for people to teach English in Yangshuo, and this is fantastic for multiple reasons! Yangshuo is a remote location that is really beautifull – but Yangshuo is more than just beautifull, there are plenty of things you can do – things such as rock climbing, and other touristic atractions. While all this sounds awesome, and might be reason enough to consider teaching in Yangshuo – there are plenty more reasons why you should.

But imagine waking up everyday and helping a full class of kids, teaching them how to speak – and write English? This way you don’t only teach them a language almost everyone is capable of understanding, so they can actually communicate when they travel – or meet foreigners, this way you also help them in their future, as when they start working for companies – or start their own companies, they can actually communicate with foreigners, if necessary.

Waking up everyday knowing what you’re doing… Amazing!

So why you should teach English in China?:
  • If you like the Chinese culture, you have a job!
  • A lot of things to do such as rock climbing!
  • You’ll be able to help classes full of kids with their future!
  • It is fun!

Most people signing up to teach English have had enough of their country – they wish to turn a page, and to start over all again – without people asking questions or judging them. This is because they’ll live quiet, on their own.

What is so cool about Yangshuo!?

Yangshuo has a lot of tourism going on, yes – we talked about that, but this is far from the only thing it has to offer! Not only will you come straight into the chinese culture, you’ll also be able to enjoy the chinese culture – and enjoy some real delicatesse!  Yea, the food is just awesome!

But what I love the most, is the nature – the mountains, and Yangshuo in general… It literaly is one of my favorite places on earth.

But the coolest thing is that nobody judges me – I can enjoy myself, dress how I like – eat what I like, and nobody will say a thing… Because here, everyone cares for everyone – That is just how Yangshuo is!

Now, I’ve been complimenting Yangshuo the whole time – and I am truly sorry for that, but that is just the way it is. It is such a beautifull city – I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. But in order to see that, in order to confirm that… You’d have to confirm and witness it with your own eyes!

Yea sure you can look at pictures on google, or you can do some research on Yangshuo, or I can tell you how awesome it is – but we won’t come even close describing the true beauty. However, you have to be openminded. And the reason I am saying this – is if you look at it with a negative mindset, you’ll think negative about everything.

If you are a positive person however, and you look at this with an open mindset – you’ll see all the good you can do, and put your positive vibe into more positive things, and create more positivity afterall! How awesome is that!

I myself, I discovered myself again, I found out who I truly was – and it gave me time to work on my self growth.


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