Teacher Testimony:Tom

My time at Omeida

by Tom White

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It was an experience like no other. Not only has my understanding of the Chinese language and culture improved, but my inter-personal skills have developed dramatically.  I have made friends here that I will always cherish my time with and i’m very thankful that Omeida gave us the opportunity to meet.

Omeida has provided the perfect work/life balance throughout my time here. It has enabled me to experience Yangshuo both as tourist and as a local. Living here and experiencing the town has to be one of my favorite aspects of this summer. There is so much to do and see that you never feel that there isn’t somewhere to explore or something new to enjoy.


I must thank Jake personally for being such a great source of help and information. He is much more than a director of Education; for his help in all manner of things, i will be eternally grateful. I must say that is has been a pleasure to work in such a hospitable environment. All of the foreign teachers support one another, in and out of school, and i firmly believe this lends itself to the company being perceived as one large family.

Initially, I was concerned about teaching because I was worried that the children would not find my lessons interesting. What I learnt very quickly, however, is that all of these children are keen and willing to learn. My bond with the children I taught is the most rewarding aspect of this job. You develop a mutual trust in one another. So much so, that I was genuinely sad when my classes or certain pupils left Omedia; and that is something that no lesson plan can prepare you for.

I would like to thank Jake and Joe for believing in me and giving me this opportunity which I have enjoyed so much. I will be forever grateful.


Until I see you again!

Yours sincerely,

Tom White

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