Let’s learn English by listening to music!

Do you like listening to music?

What’s your favourite song?

Can you recognize it after just listening to the melody of a song for a few seconds?

Come to the lyrics’s party in Omeida!

Last week, there was an English corner named “I love lyrics” in Omeida. I enjoyed the whole activity as a marker. The host was a warm and handsome foreign teacher whose name was Jake. He was so humorous that the competition became much more interesting.

The competition of recognizing lyrics involved three rounds. In the first round, contestants need to say out the name of the song within thirty seconds according to the song they heard. Although we are familiar with these songs, it is still difficult to say out their name correctly in thirty seconds. What really surprisedme was that there were a lot of great contestants who could guess the name of the song quickly.

All groups need to say out the name of the song they hear as soon as possible in the second round because this is a game of speed. The first one who can give the correct answer will get twenty points which is a big score. But if the answer is wrong, you will lose twenty points. So it’s also a game of gambling. It’s much more exciting than the first round, right? Yeah, the whole round was full of ups and downs. What was the most unexpected was that the winner didn’t get any chance to answer. They won just because they didn’t lose any points. The group who got the most chances to answer paid a lot for their mistakes. What a wonderful round it was!

 The last round was prepared for the audiences. Everyone have the chance to answer, as long as you can guess out the correct name of the song. Also you need to answer it faster than others. The person who say out the correct name of the song first will get five Omeida dollars, which is the best reward for everyone. I believed everyone enjoyed the competition because we all got involved in it.

We were very happy during the whole game, and we heard lots of nice songs and had a wonderful night. I love the game and I love Omeida!

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