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Enjoy cooking!Enjoy your life!

Delicious food always comforts people when they feel upset and cheers them up. That’s why I think the best thing in the world is to enjoy all kinds of food every day. So now you know how happy I was when I was asked to be a judge for a cooking competition!  Last Thursday, a […]

Present yourself! Practise your English!

Present yourself!Practise your English! It has been a month since I came to Omeida. One month ago, I came here with the hope that I can help others and at the same time make myself grow. And just like what was said in the very beginning, “In Omeida helping others is helping yourself”, I felt […]

Let’s learn English by listening to music!

Do you like listening to music? What’s your favourite song? Can you recognize it after just listening to the melody of a song for a few seconds? Come to the lyrics’s party in Omeida! Last week, there was an English corner named “I love lyrics” in Omeida. I enjoyed the whole activity as a marker. The host was […]

Teacher Testimony:Tom

My time at Omeida by Tom White I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. It was an experience like no other. Not only has my understanding of the Chinese language and culture improved, but my inter-personal skills have developed dramatically.  I have made friends here that I will always cherish my time with and i’m […]

Teacher Testimonial: Florence

My time at Omeida By Florence Allwood I have had a wonderful time at Omeida this summer. I have learned a lot and grown as a teacher. Being given the opportunity to gain firsthand experience at teaching a class of Chinese children how to speak English give me no place to hide and enabled me […]