Omeida Life

The Omeida Campus

Our campus contains everything needed to provide excellent language training to its students. The first floor houses the reception, administration offices and teachers’ lounge. The second, third and fourth floors are all classrooms, each with an air conditioner and heater to keep you comfortable year round. Aside from our classrooms, we also have a multimedia room equipped with a computer and projector open for any teachers to utilize. On the top floor, a large meeting room with stage and full audio system and lighting hosts our weekly Social Night events and competitions. Our teachers office and lounge has computers available every day from morning to evening for preparing class material, and an industrial printer/copier handles all of our printing needs.

Outside of the school there are tables and benches for relaxing between classes or having conversations with students and friends.

Traditional Chinese Cuisine

Omeida’s dining hall serves lunch and dinner Mondays to Fridays for 7 yuan per day. Meals consist of 7 dishes shared between the students and teachers at the table, with a wide variety of dishes prepared throughout the week.  This is the cheapest and most convenient meal you’ll find as a teacher as it is located beneath the Chinese Academy building, but other options are available as well.

 If you want to try something outside the school, there are several small shops nearby that sell lunch and dinner by the dish. There are also many western restaurant options to make your life comfortable.

Teachers Accommodation

We provide all of our teachers with convenient housing that is only a 10-15 minute walk from the school. Teachers each receive a private room within shared 3 bedroom apartments. Each bedroom has its own private bathroom and shower as well as an air conditioner/heater. Beds are fitted with sheets, blankets and pillows, but you can bring your own if you like. Apartments have a basic kitchen arrangement and supplies if you wish to cook on your own.

The 6 floors of the apartment building are only occupied by Omeida teachers apart from the building owner who lives on the ground floor. There is a washing machine that is available for all teachers to use, and an upright refrigerator freezer is also shared in the stairwell. Most teachers choose to eat out for dinner regularly though, and meals are served at Omeida’s dining hall.